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The big book about SAAB
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Saab 9-5 Une historie de personalités
The book about the development of the Saab 9-5 1997-2010, written by Anders Tunberg. French edition.
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Per Gillbrand Motor show (book)
Berwald hall, Stockholm, 9 november 2014 at 14:00, Per Gillbrand is giving his last motor show...
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Saab, the brand and the cars
Beautifully illustrated little book about the company Saab Automobil and the cars 9-5, 9-3, 9-3X...
SEK 40
Saab, welcome book
A story in three parts - The heritage, how we are thinking and here we are heading. A beautifully...
SEK 100
Hur jag får ut mest av min Saab tvåtaktare, Swedish /German edition
Hur jag får ut mest av min Saab tvåtaktare (How I get the most out of my Saab two-stroke) is a...
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SEK 290
Saab 9X Concept, English edition
Very special book about the Saab 9X concept car that was shown in 2001, the book is bound in tire...
SEK 100
Saab 50 år på väg, Swedish edition
Saab 50år på väg was written by Eric Dymock to Saab's 50th anniversary 1997. It describes the...
SEK 150