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Erik Carlsson tribute

Erik Carlsson tribute

Sticker dedicated to Erik Carlsson. He was one of the rallying history's greatest names and forever associated with Saab. He lived from 1929 to 2015.

SEK 20

Saab Car Museum license plate holder EU (520mm)
Stylish registration plate holder with the Saab Car Museum logo. The holder is made to fit...
SEK 80
Power Bank "It´s my Saab"
Additional battery / emergency charger for mobile phones or similar equipment. Contains a...
SEK 150
USB-stick 4GB
Convenient USB stick with generous storage space of 4GB.
SEK 100
Saab 900 1991, Swedish edition
Instruction manual and service manual in original folder for Saab 900 year model 1991. Never been...
SEK 250
Saab - The era of Gunnar Ljungström, A journey from 92 to 900
For those who are members of the Saab Car Museum Support Organization, please enter your details...
SEK 345
Saab 900 1980, French edition
Instruction manual for Saab 900 year model 1980. Original print that has never been used (NOS).
SEK 150
Saab 900, Une histoire suédoise
 SEK 100  
Premium Turbo coffee 250g
APC - Automatic Performance Coffee
 SEK 80  
Saab Car Museum keps black/white
Black cap with white logo, adjustable in the back.
 SEK 150  
40-year anniversary coffee mug
Specially made mug for the celebration of Saab Car Museum 40th anniversary.
SEK 90
SEK 75
Safari - 64 coffee mug
Saab and Erik Carlsson have a history of turning conventional ideas upside down. Like when they...
 SEK 90  
Saab Sport coffee mug
The popular red coffee mug with the Saab Sport graphic.
 SEK 90  
Model car Saab 99 - 73 Torreador red
Model car 1:43 Saab 99 GL - Torreador red. Nordic collection.
 SEK 650  
Saab 900 GLi
Saab 900 GLi, White.
 SEK 690  
Saab 99 GL - 75 Silver
Model car Saab 99 GL - 1975, Sterling Silver
 SEK 650